Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank You.

I just want to say Thank you to my followers. It really "Feeds My Soul" and Warms my Heart to think that Iam writting something that you think is worth reading. And if you have a blog I would love to read and follow yours, Please let me know what yours is.. I love connecting with all of you. Makes me feel like I have neighbors and friends close by..The only visitors I get are these guys.and I enjoy it .

Simple comforts.

Hello. Been awhile since I've posted . We have had a time here one thing after another . Had to replace the water heater, and now the central air wont work ,so Iam sitting here in 93 degrees . All thou I think it might be cooler outside. I pray its under warranty. We just had everything replaced in 06 .My favorite time of the year is Fall.Summers here are so hot you cant stand it outside . I pray no snakes make their selves welcome tonight. We have the back of the house sliders all open. Theres a Lani on the back but... them nasty things seem to get in anyways. I love nature "BUT" I draw the line here. Iam deathly afraid of snakes.My husband says"They were here before we were and they have a right to be here". Then I say "Look they dont pay the taxes here so they are gone ,and Iam not waiting for dead or alive posters to be put up .. Give me a shovel and I"ll take care of them.Iam on cumidine so Iam dead if one decides he dont like the looks Iam givin him. And bites me.I need some inspiration for the flower beds, Heres whats bloomin here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Grandbabies..

My "Greatest Blessings"..I Live and Breath for them .

A Mothers"s Heart,

I was thinking of the up comming "Mothers Day". I was thinking of how different we all are. But I'd like to believe that a Mothers Heart are all alike.My Daughters Birthday is tommorrow she be 33 years old . My youngest daughter is 31. And Then theres the "Baby"my son is 29 . I said the baby cause that's what the girls refer to him as"THE BABY" LOL.I never wanted a son holding on to my apron strings ,once he has grown up......But... He does . No matter how hard I shake that apron. LOL I dont know if he feels that Iam the only one that carse about him,and can make things better, or what it is. Everytime he gets hurt and believe me there have been many many many times. He calls me . Does he really think I can make it all better..LOL . He lives on the other side of town. Now he's married and it's her time.Anyway a Mother feels it in her stomach ,Evertime one of her children gets hurt. And when they cried.. we felt it in our Hearts.
Even after all these years I feel it in my stomach and hurt when one is hurting. That has carried on to my Grandchildren. I dont know how many times Ive choked on my tongue when one of the babies got hurt.I believe a mothers heart is conected to our children all of them Grandchildren too. Ive even caught myself feeling it in my stomach when one of my son-in-laws have been hurt.And Heaven forbid if I shoud try and doctor one of their BOBoS.LOL
I know it just doesnt stop there. Ive been out in public and seen a child hurt and wanted to run and protect them ,I dont think a Mothers Heart stop even there, Ive seen elderly people and wanted to hug them and take them home and take care of them LOL . We wont even go to the animals. I have a house full now .
That need we have to Comfort, Nurish, Love, Hold on Too,I HOPE I NEVER LOOSE IT.
Now that my children are grown and have children of their own I can only pray they never loose it either.
Theres a saying I think says it all...


Canned "Pears in Vannilla Brandy"


Well I found a new craft and I LOVE IT..Canning. Ive been reading all I can On the subject. I've learned alot. I've tried alot of recipes .Now I find myself wanting to can all the time.Ive cleaned out the linen closet to make it a food pantry even thou I already have one. I 'd like all my canning together,all in one spot.Heres some pictures of what Ive done. With the exception of what Ive already given away.Mulberry's !!!I have a tree so Ive canned and canned Mulberry's . Now its finished until next season. I need to look for canning recipes that have Mulberry's in it. Instead of only mulberry's, LOL Ive made Mulberry Jam , Mulberry Syrup, Mulberry Preserves,Mulberry Pie Filling I even did a Balsamic Mulberry Jam (Awesome taste) and have even put some up in the freezer.Cant wait to go to the Farmers Market and see what they have in. I am also wanting to get a dehydrator to do some fruits and jerky.