Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Favorite past time.

I've been teaching myself to can. I Love It .. I Love It... I dont think there is anything more prettier than a mason jar full of fresh fruit or vegetables.I do know that is is throu trial and error to find the best recipes. Ive been freezing also and as soon as I can afford to buy a dehiderater I"ll be drying everything I can get my hands on. LOL.One of the first things I canned was navel oranges packed in natural orange juice . (Not from concendrate). I put it in the refergerator the night before and had fresh oranges for breakfeast ,,, so refreshing and good. I cant imagine living up north in the winter and not being able not to get it fresh. This is awsome way to have it all year round.. I follow all the Ball books ,so as to get it right. No chance of getting sick .