Thursday, March 31, 2011

Iam sorry ,

Iam sorry , I havent posted lately, Ive been in the hospital, I had a mild heartattack. Iam slow at getting back to myself. Ive never felt so helpless. I think I lost all my energy . I had a heart catheder done, and nitro is no fun . Major headache from it. And now for more test. Iam so brused. Well time heals all wounds , wish mine would hurry. I have so much I want to make. I have a neat craft to share with all of you. But for now Ill have to wait till I get some more energy back. Hugs to all . jamie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A touch of Sparkle to Electric Candles.

I do this to all my Candles . I love the sparkle in the light.All you do is tape the candle hole, with "Painters Tape" or "Masking Tape", just so none of the glitter falls in the hole.Then you "MODE PODGE"the candle all over it where ever you want the glitter. I love "Martha Stewart" extra fine for embossing and her scraping books.
Her glitter comes in so many colors. Excelent Fall colors.ACMoore usually puts them on sale after the Holidays and you can use "JOANNS" coupons. That makes it a little lighter on the pocket book.PLUS... PLUS ...A little goes a long long way. I put a sheet of wax paper down under my candles , so when Iam done I can pour the dropping back in the tube or jar.NO WASTE.I also use "DIAMOND SPARKLE " For Christmas time . It looks like snow . Its just beautifull with the candle light. Check out the pictures. You might have to do 2 coats, depending on how much comes off. You can also add a little to the silicone bulb for a added sparkle.No glue thou , Just rub a little on with your finger. Add a homespun tie and your fininished .
The brown candle in the top picture with the red and pink ones is coffee grounds and spices , smells good. Looks great in the kitchen too.You can also see how goods the glitter looks making other crafts like hearts. I hope I "FEED SOMEONES SOUL"with this .Enjoy.. Enjoy..I'd love to see your pictures of your crafts .Feel free to email if you have problems.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What makes a house a home ?

Have you ever had someone come in your home and tell you that they fell so relaxed there? Makes me wonder why other homes dont give that feeling.Is it the color of the walls, The family pictures,The tempiture of the air in the house,The smell, Or the "What Nots", The way you have it decorated.The personality of the people who live there, Maybe it's the mementos of the family ties, What ever the reason.He gave me the kindest words anyone could give to someone, In that short time he was here.
When I married my husband , He asked me for one thing "Please dont drown our house in flowers".He didnt want to sit on a flowered couch or have flower wallpaper,He didnt want to feel like he was in a hospital. I agreed. Knowing that both of us have a strong love of nature I decorated it in nature.Painted the walls in Fall colors, And we all know Iam Prim. So I collected things that gave good memories to most of us . And collected things that represents who we are and what we believe in .I did everything I could to make it smell like apples and cinnamon.I do have signs up with sayings like "Home is where your story begins" and "The best thing in life to hold onto is each other" "Family is the most important thing " "All roads lead home". I dont want anyone to come to my house and feel uncomfortable. I tell everyone 'Please dont be a stranger in my home" If your hungry go to the refrigerator, If your tired go take a nap.
Ive been in homes where I didnt feel comfortable, Didnt even want to sit, Cold feeling . Like a morgue,No family pictures , Nothing. Gave me the feeling something was serious wrong .Maybe it goes back to the saying " Less is more" Clean Slates, Modern,NO history , No family.I dont know, But I do know we are all different ,If we were all the same it would be very boring.We all make our homes to suit each of us and our needs. Maybe Iam just a "MAGPIE". Iam always looking for one more thing to make our life more comfortable.I think my home tells my "story" and who I am.


Things we Collect

Things we Collect.

I love to hear what people collect...And why they collect those items , Do they have a special meaning to them ,, Or is it the story and the history behind it. I have so many collections. Its almost a addiction. I collect Buttons, Cookie Cutters, Cookbooks, Tea Cups, Milk Glass,Glass Birds, Nest,2 Candles on One Wick,Samplers, Quilts,Baskets,Thimbles, Old Threads, Glass eggs, Crows,Anything Embrodiery Linens, Old Bibles, Old Hymes Books.I wonder what need it is we have ,What are we trying to fullfill, Or does it fall in to the line of Hoarding.My husband says Iam a Hoarder. LOL ,Where do you draw the line.When I see it on paper ,, "OH MY " I think I defently have a problem. But maybe I do it cause Its pretty to look at. Or makes me feel good to have it around me.I don't know the answer. But I do know I love my collections.Can I go with the saying"YOUR NOT PRIMITIVE IF YOU DONT HAVE A FEW COLLECTIONS". Ya thats sounds good and its my story and Iam sticking to it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Opinon..

All these post are my opinon , not that it matters.I was told I just couldnt post pictures on my blog ,I had to write too. To me its like talking to yourself and waiting for a answer. I was also told that I was butchering the English writting.Iam sorry to all I offend. But if I had to correct all my words and spelling , Then it just wouldnt be me.. Again Iam sorry for my mistakes and all who it offends . Why cant you just look past it and see who I am. I guess it all goes back to people judging others..Here I am take me as I am or leave me..

Rubber Boots.

Gotta get me a pair of these. Tiny kids boots.

Who doesnt love a pair of rubber boots . Lately Ive had a thing for rubber boots , I just bought my 3rd pair . All childs thou,What am I going to do with them ,well lets see!!! Make planters of them , or just use them for decoration? Dont know yet. Defently going on the lani thou .Gave one pair to my grandson. Wouldnt the yellow ones look nice with a red geraniumn comming out the top. Or just as a nice spring vase . The black ones are so tiny.. Maybe I'll just set them on the porch , and start looking for a rain coat and hat to match . I know Ill never look at rubber boots the same way . ( Jamie think outside the box). LOL

If I was only "Twenty Again"!

If I was Only Twenty again !I would definitely be in trouble and probley be In jail all the time , Cause I would be standing up and fighting for this Cause or another. Some just tears at my heart apart. "Child Abuse" Spouse Abuse" Abuse on Animals"And every Medical Disease there is , I 'd be out there fighting for a Cure."Our Military" is another one. No one seems to see what happens to the Family's after the Family member is deployed or hurt.The children hurt too.They are small and often over looked, Their pains not silent .Their is such a need for helping those Family's . The United States helps so many other countries and we cant even help our own here. Is it ignorance or are we just closing our eyes to the need . Its there just open your eyes . Just stop at a traffic light any day at any time. And theres a homeless man asking for money , look around and watch people close their windows and lock their doors,and look the other way. We have such a tendency to get caught up in our own lives that we don't have time to share someone elses hurt. I call homeless and addicts " Lost Souls", I call them that cause somewhere , sometime in their lifes, Their souls were lost and hurt and for whatever reason they just lost their grip on life so ,Their lifes became lost,They seem to be the ones people are ashamed of , For us or them? Should be our shame for looking the other way. Iam always saying " FEED SOMEONES SOUL ". Take a minute and "FEED SOMEONES SOUL"whether its a smile or a lending hand or just a kind word ,

No one knows another persons hurt. After all why is he homeless ? lost his job , became hurt and couldn't pay his bills ,or lost a wife or maybe a child .We don't really know , Do we, so we only speculate, And who gives us the right to do that? So we dig in our pockets and give him what spare change we have ,He comes to the window and reaches in to receive the change and I notice his hands shaking and callused .And you wonder is he gonna get a bottle or a meal . Did we give him the spare change for our shame or to really try and help him.How hard is it to look him in the eye and smile and show some respect . After all we don't know why and we are not to judge.Does he judge us with all our imperfections .He still someones son, brother,and maybe even father. I think saddest thing here is the ones who looked away.and closed their " Hearts".I think if everyone reached out ,even once a week ,once a month and do it with your "Heart "not guilt. Maybe just Maybe things would start to change. Or is "Feeding Someones Soul" . To much to ask .So now instead of closing my eyes and saying a prayer for him , I also say a prayer for the ones who looked away.

I look at things different than other people and theres always someone there telling me so. Someone once told me that I wear my heart on my shoulders. Never heard that before. And the strange thing is I didnt know if it was a good thing or a bad thing . I didnt know how to take it , so I just stood there looking stupid.I know my mouth has gotten me in trouble before "LORD PLEASE PUT ONE HAND ON MY SHOULDER AND THE OTHER OVER MY MOUTH" That really applys to me . I hate absolutely hate to see a child in public with "No Shoes" and "No Coat" in the cold . Maybe I shoud start a charity called "NO Shoes No Coat"

Iam not a educated person ,actually stupid. I dont spell right and comas and periods and writting ,just isnt my thing. so I struggle along. I do know right from wrong and I know whats in my heart. I was asked yesterday why I didnt write on my blog , just shoud pictures. Well Iam trying to get things in order Just dont know how. , Iam not to good with the computer. So Iam slow going here.