Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gardening 101 in Florida.

First dont try and weed in summer. The heat will get you first. Second dont plant anything new during rainy season you will loose it if it floods on your property. My Moms neighbor gave me a bunch of bulbs. pretty pink flowers (rain flowers) . They have taken over his yard I plain to get more and put them in some of the flower bed in the back. He also gave me a Poinsetta . I looked it up seems its wild here. Lived here most my life and have never seen it before. I think it would be pretty mixed in with all the Zinnas .Everytime Wyatt(grandson) come over he has to show me how big he is and has to climb the mullberry tree, Lol I have so many Zinna seeds from this year I think I had 6 gallon bags of seeds. Gave some away. Heres some of whats bloomin here.We lost so much last year . I still have to replace the 6 palms leading out to the pad out back. Iam thinking something that blooms. I have baby palms comming up all over the front, from the seeds .I got bite by something yesterday , I was checking on the blackberries. I hope it wasnt a brown racluse spidder . My 3rd finger on the right its still red and inflamed, it has 2 marks and fills with clear fluid, I didnt see anything ,,I'll know if my finger starts to loose its skin. He thought maybe it was one of those catapillers ,On the palms . But I didnt think it was time for them yet. oh well life goes on.

crafts .

Please excuse my posting I just dont know how to get the hang of this . I thought I had all the pictures in order, Iam just to old to get it I guess.

Shame on me.

Hello. Shame on me for not keeping up with this blog. Its been raining everyday here, My legs and hands are killing me. Ive been making crafts trying to push the pain away but not working. The back of the yard is flooded. I told my husband that we had crawdads in the ditch in front , He laughed and said "Thoses arent crawdads thoses are lobsters after our Goverment has taxed them ",, HAHAHA. I still cant figure out where do they come from?? The rain? are they in the dirt? But I 'd love to know .Poor Kodie he was messing with one last year and I heard a yelp and by the time I got to him to see what was the matter. He flew by me with one hanging from his face. I dont think he will messing with them this year.LOL
I hate not having anyone to have a glass of tea with or a conversation with. By the time my husband comes home its eat ,shower,go to bed and start all over the next day. And when the weekend rolls around. Its work work work . Here or at moms.I cant wait till Fall my favorite time of the year.Theres a elderly man that sits up the street selling honey , I guess I need to make more recipes with honey. This mans honey is awsome. Not sure if its Orange Blossom or Palmetto . Ive been drizzling over rolls and biscuits. I tried my hand at making bread.Billie has never said anything but good about my cooking. But my bread was bad. He would never say anything. But he did say "Dont give any to the dogs".It didnt rise I did everything I was suppose to but I dont know if the weather has anything to do with it or not..Try try try again.LOL Heres some of the crafts Iam making.