Friday, July 1, 2011

Food safe containers .

this is a picture that says its food safe containers, for storage, Heres the white buckets thats at lowes..


Laundry Help.

Heres a great idea. We are on a well water . and I go through alot of bleach, so Ive been adding Zote to my laundry detergent. I run it down a grater ,them mix with my detergent and It saves me on bleach and fabric softener.. It has brighten my whites and if I forget to add softener , Its fine cause this soap adds a soften feel . I also using buckets from Lowe's for storing my sugar and flour , Iam going to get more for pastas and etc. The emblem has to be like this on the lid and bucket to be food safe , I drew it out , cause the camera was just taking it all white you could not see it. Ive been reading alot of blogs and some are alittle scarey , some are storing their food in garbage cans . Not safe cause the plastic in the cans have also pesticides made right in it. Look for the food safe label on buckets .I posted a picture of what it should look like. I would love to hear if anyone else has any neat ideas..

A little ,This and That.

Ive been stocking up and taking it seriously. Trying to stretch the life of some of my foods etc. Like taking things out of the boxs and putting in air tight containers.I found in a catalog I can buy the old time freezer containers cheep , really cheep. I loved them for freezing, comes in a variety of sizes too. I made some mulberry syrup the other day for the kids to go on waffles , It was soooo good.Next year Iam making syrup and juice from the mulberrys.I made some juice last week from this years harvest, very all the good things Mulberrys do for our bodies. The kids are leaving next week and my heart is breaking already.Germany is on the other side of the world to far to just hop in the car and go visit.Today they are in Bush Gardens, I hope they are having a good time. Ive been working on the back Lani , and I dont think its possible to turn it into a country setting. Althou I keep trying . Maybe if I had my own pot of gold It would be easier.For now I have to relay on make do's.Ive been asked to post the picture of the clothes pin bag for the pantry , (dollar store for 1.00 each)One for straws and the other for plastic silverware(Billies lunches).Ive been trying to organize around here , I put all my canning pot and jars etc, in the garage on a shelf. Today Iam going to see about transferring a closet to shelves for stocking up on stuff. Iam also drying my zinna seeds so I dont have to buy next year. I'll post pictures . Anyone have any neat ideas I would love to hear them .